Our Services

Data and Predictive Analytics

Use the power of data and machine learning to inform strategic decisions. We implement the entire data pipeline - data warehouses, feature extraction and engineering, machine learning model selection and analytics presentation.

Conversational AI (Chatbots)

Engage customers 24/7. We build and train multi-channel AI chatbots that integrate with other platforms (Messenger, Slack, Salesforce etc). We analyze the virtual agent conversations to augment your data analytics.

Cloud Services and CRM Implementation

Transition to the cloud. We offer cloud migration services and custom application development (AWS and GCP). We customize and configure CRM systems for the specific needs of our clients (Salesforce, Dynamics).

We do not just advise, we do

We have a combined 20+ years experience in big data, machine learning and software engineering in the hedge fund and banking industry

We are industry agnostic and apply pragmatic, simple and cost effective solutions to business and technology problems

We understand that data engineering and data modeling require deep domain understanding. We therefore work closely with our clients' domain experts

Applying our software engineering and machine learning skills to solving real business problems is our lifelong passion

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